Nginx - Google Summer of Code ideas

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Wed Mar 11 20:50:00 MSK 2009

mike ha scritto:
> oh, i've got a nice little wishlist going ;)
> features:
> * mod_svn

The only idea of implementing mod_svn from scratch in Nginx is crazy :).

> * mogilefs integration:
 > [...]
> * dynamic upstream management, basic healthchecking should fix that, I think.
> * external alert when upstream goes down (or could also trigger a
> command) - might not be required with above

This does not need to be done with Nginx.
Just use a pre existing healthchecking software with each of the 
upstream servers.

 > [...]
> authentication:
> * SPNEGO/Kerberos/etc. integration - (I'm paying someone $400 w/
> RentACoder already)
> * someone on IRC mentioned adding in digest support

If someone is interested in sponsoring digest auth support, I should be 
able to implement it.
I have already implemented a rather complete HTTP Digest Authentication 
support in my Python WSGI framework.

> [...]
> * have a way to log statistics (simple byte and request counter) per
> Host: header, right now flatfile parsing and stuff for that basic info
> is not the funnest

Why not use a separate log parser?

> management:
> * cluster manager (manage multiple nginx instances, like zeus' web interface)

Isn't it possible to use some existing tool?

 > [...]

Manlio Perillo

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