Nginx - Google Summer of Code ideas

Huy Phan dachuy at
Thu Mar 12 15:17:38 MSK 2009

张立冰 <zhang.libing at ...> writes:

> Digest Authentication?
> I have Implemented a simple token module, used for http authentication with
backend memcached. Maybe that is helpful for you.

Hi zhang,
really interesting to see your modules, the idea is exactly what im trying to do
these 2 weeks.
What I see after checking your code is that :
1. If the token is invalid : return 403, otherwise 404.
2. When the request is valid (the token is exist), it returns 404, and then
internal redirect to the 'real' place => If someone knows the url of real place,
he can access without any authentication.

I had develop a module similar like that ( in fact I see that we have 80% same
code ), but the process is a little different. Can you take a look at these
threads and we can work on it together :)

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