Nginx - Google Summer of Code ideas

Huy Phan dachuy at
Thu Mar 12 17:47:47 MSK 2009

张立冰 <zhang.libing at ...> writes:

> I have checked those two posts.It seems you want a module to do the access
check job for media files.(/v/empty.flv?token=1234).And I think there is no need
memcached to store the check token. Maybe you can work with http access key 
module and mod_parsed_vars to generate dynamic token with COOKIE/GET/POST vars.
Just like sessionid.And that is betteeeer than work with memcached.

Hi 张立冰,

Actually, this is the second phase of our flow, the 1st phase is that :
i. user request to play a media
ii. we insert a value for a random key ( generated by us ) to memcached.
iii. we give the key to user.

And you've already known the second phase :)
What I mean here is that, memcached is a kind of "must-have-thing".

As you can see in my previous posts, I've almost done the code. It just 
needs some small tweaks to be perfect :). So if you have time, I can share 
the code and we can work on it.

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