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C. codestr0m at
Fri Mar 13 00:33:22 MSK 2009

Jim Ohlstein wrote:
> Extremely valid concern. However, this is a growing community. Forcing 
> one method of interaction/learning on all is a detriment to growth. 
> That’s the “do it my way or no way” approach.
> Most projects, as they grow, do have forums. It is a form of 
> communication preferred by many people. This is a fact, and as nginx is 
>  continues to grow in popularity it is bound to happen.
> Working on an integration with the mailing list is something that I am 
> willing to contribute to financially, but my php is not strong enough to 
> do it myself.

I wasn't going to comment on this, but jive software has built a whole 
one-stop-shop community platform.  (integrates ml with forums.. etc..) 
We (OSUNIX community) were granted a developer license and even though I 
doubt it would be the preferred solution I'd happily host the nginx 
community.  The current limitation to this being that ml + forums won't 
be synced until we're self hosting the smtp stuff.  The guys/gals at 
jivesofter are great, but I know the sticky point is mostly that many 
projects/people don't like to use non-foss stuff.  (JIRA being another 
example which is great, but not foss.)  Just thought I'd toss some extra 
ideas out there instead of more php spaghetti encumbering the world.



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