Nginx - Google Summer of Code ideas

Michael Baudino michael.baudino at
Fri Mar 13 02:51:28 MSK 2009

C. wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm organizing some google summer of code ideas for our organization and
>  nginx could play a very interesting and key role in one of them.  So
> two quick questions.
> 1) Would anyone be willing to mentor a student?
> 2) What are some other ideas that we could possibly add to the list to
> make it exciting?
> We have about a day or so to collect ideas and add stuff to the
> application if it makes sense. I'm on irc if anyone wants to say hi and
> talk about ideas.
> Cheers,
> ./Christopher

Hi C.

Participating in the SoC is a definitively good idea.

What about implementing async disk IO ?

Michael Baudino

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