wrong site displayed--seemingly randomly

Jim Ohlstein jim.ohlstein at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 22:36:32 MSK 2009

This happened with me a short time ago on a new server.

If your site config files include:

listen domain.tld;

try changing them to:

listen 80;  


listen *:80;


listen xx.xx.xx.xx:80;


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Subject: wrong site displayed--seemingly randomly
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I moved my sites over to a new server and a new install of nginx-0.7.40 
a couple days ago.  I noticed once 2 days ago that I went to one domain 
and one of my other sites showed up.  I thought this must be something 
strange with the DNS propagation.

Today my business partner went to our site and saw this same other site 
instead.  The site that sometimes is mistakenly showing up is the first 
site I migrated to the new server setup.

None of these sites is set to be any sort of default, and all are 
included an:
include ...../sites-available/*.conf;

Anybody have any idea what else could be causing this?  It's a pretty 
serious problem.


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