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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Sat Mar 14 18:00:45 MSK 2009

mike ha scritto:
> [...]
>>> features:
>>> * mod_svn
>> The only idea of implementing mod_svn from scratch in Nginx is crazy :).
> why is that? isn't it just DAV? it just needs to support some more
> OPTIONS commands or something? (I could be off my rocker, I thought I
> read that somewhere)

Its because DAV is not simple to implement.

>>> [...]
>>> * dynamic upstream management, basic healthchecking should fix that, I
>>> think.
>>> * external alert when upstream goes down (or could also trigger a
>>> command) - might not be required with above
>> This does not need to be done with Nginx.
>> Just use a pre existing healthchecking software with each of the upstream
>> servers.
> and what, have an /etc/nginx/upstreams.conf file that i manually
> update and kill -HUP nginx or whatever appropriate signal to reload
> every time i notice an upstream going up or down?


> another issue is nginx is not 'smart' so the healthchecking would need
> to be more than just tcp port 80 is open... i guess that's where
> external things come in to play. but simplifying the software stack
> would be amazing, and it could be an -optional- module in nginx :)

If this requires some internal rewrite of Nginx, then I'm not sure it is 
a good idea.

 > [...]
>>> [...]
>>> * have a way to log statistics (simple byte and request counter) per
>>> Host: header, right now flatfile parsing and stuff for that basic info
>>> is not the funnest
>> Why not use a separate log parser?
> i am right now. but for basic statistics... seems like major overkill,
> especially when you start looking at gigs of data from multiple
> webservers and having to parse/merge the data

Just use an efficient log parser; one, as an example, that is able to 
parse multiple file at a time.

 > [...]

Regards  Manlio

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