Configuration Primer

mike mike503 at
Wed Mar 18 18:26:58 MSK 2009

2009/3/18 Igor Sysoev <is at>:

> This is a reference and some cookbook recepts but not introdution.
> I can write draft description of request processing from confuguration
> point of view but without these ugly rewrites as want to change them.

When you say "ugly rewrites" what do you mean?

IMHO, nginx is pretty easy to pick up. At first when I saw the syntax
I thought "oh no, another config file to learn" but it is pretty damn

My biggest issue is with location blocks. It is still confusing and
gets annoying on sites requiring multiple location blocks, especially
with regexps and determining the right ^~ or *~ etc.

Other than that, a few tweaks to allow things like error_log at -any-
level not just global and server but even inside conditionals would be

But I'm wondering what you meant by that. You have some code you don't
like in nginx that you want to rewrite? If so, what? Or the "rewrite"
directive itself and such is a nasty thing. I like to hear the plans
and news about nginx (call me an nginx fanboy now) - even a roadmap
would be cool too (I think I've seen bits and pieces in the past) of
what at least you plan on changing/adding, and of course if other
people do third party modules or patch things in the core that can
only enhance it quicker...

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