Configuration Primer

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Mar 18 18:57:46 MSK 2009

> My biggest issue is with location blocks. It is still confusing and
> gets annoying on sites requiring multiple location blocks, especially
> with regexps and determining the right ^~ or *~ etc.

The biggest issue in my mind is the way nginx doesnt merge/inherit ( ) the 
options for different location blocks if there are more than one that matches.
It can be handy sometimes but usually it has created me more issues and some nasty workarrounds than helped.

Like sometimes there is the need to have:

location ~ ^/zzz { ... }

But if you have the default location ~ \.php$ { .. } defined before

It means that the /zzz/some.php requests wont use any options you defined in the config.

I have whined about this (and also about global location feature in the http{} scope) to Igor some time ago but he was sceptical at 
that time ;)


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