Making rewrite a non-static function

Marcus Clyne eugaia at
Thu Mar 19 00:46:31 MSK 2009


Is there an easy way to set a variable that uses captures from within 
another module? 

I'm trying to set my own variable that as part of the setup, creates a 
variable that may or may not use a variable (depending on the setting).  
Rather than using the 'set' directive, I would like to create my own 
directive to determine whether I need a variable or not.  However, if I 
do, I would like to be able to use all the functionality of other variables.

The easiest way I see for doing this, would be to call the 
ngx_http_rewrite_set from my own module, if needs be, but it is 
currently a static function.

If it is not currently possible, Igor, could you possible make 
ngx_http_rewrite_set (and possibly other modular functions that might be 
useful) a non-static var and add it to one of the headers files (e.g. 
ngx_http.h)?  Alternatively, how about adding a public function to make 
it easy for developers to add variables that use captures from within 
their modules and making that a public function instead of the default 
configuration one?  I'm happy to write this function if you'd include it 
in the source.  I would have thought it would only need to be a few lines.



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