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Thu Mar 19 21:18:41 MSK 2009


I am looking at using Nginx and specifically the Map Module.

I have used the rewrite map stuff in Apache, and I know in Apache you can
load a key / value pair list from a text file. I had assumed looking at the
examples on the Wiki that the values needed to be included with the
configuration, but then I noticed that at the end of the Wiki page on the
Nginx Map Module there was this:

include — the maps will be included from a file, or even from multiple files
when using wildcards.

How does this work? I was hoping someone with some experience can elaborate
on this feature, as I was unable to find additional information on this.

1) So can the values actually be pulled from a file instead?
2) What type of file, what format?
3) If the map file is updated, does Nginx need to be restarted for the
changes to take effect?

I apologize if these questions have already been answered somewhere, I
searched and searched and only found that single reference to the "include"
support in the Map Module.


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