Bug in the nginx-0.7.xx include .../conf.d/*.conf process ?

Mark Alan varia at e-healthexpert.org
Mon Mar 23 11:56:21 MSK 2009

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> This is not bug, it's by design.  And this allows to catch obvious 
> configuration errors easily - without even breaking working setup, 
> since nginx master process will refuse to reload configuration 
> with bugs (and hence old worker processes with correct 
> configuration will continue to serve requests).

I do think that the duplication check mechanism is very useful and among 
the strongest points of nginx. But I was not talking about that.

nginx could still avoid breaking working setup by doing duplication 
checks and catch errors. It could have the best of both worlds by simply 
  doing duplication check AFTER reading all .conf files, but still 
giving precedence to .conf files in the priority directory /conf.d/.

I am thinking of, at least, /etc/php5/conf.d, /etc/apt/apt.conf.d, 
/etc/mysql/conf.d, /etc/apache2/conf.d. They all work rather well and 
respect /conf.d/*.conf precedence without breaking program's internal 

> Also I should say that debian default config layout for nginx is 
> rather bad, since it provokes many configuration bugs.

So, the debian nginx package maintainer is sloppy.
In your opinion what changes should be made to the Debian package to 
clean those bugs?

 > Some of them are easy to find thanks to duplication checks,
 > but some are really hard to find.

Now, really helpful would be if you could provide us with a known list 
of those configuration bugs, in special those hard to find. Or, at 
least, point us to a web site were those configuration bugs are clearly 
listed for future reference.


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