Bug in nginx 0.7.xx ./configure procedure

Mark Alan varia at e-healthexpert.org
Tue Mar 24 12:02:43 MSK 2009

Igor Sysoev wrote:

> As I understand gcc uses the lastest -O option, therefore -O -O2 is the same
> as -O2.

As far as I know in several Linux systems it is.
But nginx should not rely on that to cope with a less than optimal 
./configure that is generating too much flags. I wonder, is it doing the 
same with other flags?

> Also you may disable optimizations using -O -O0. As to -O2 itself,
> I believe you would not see any significant changes in nginx with -O2
> if compared with just -O. However, -O0 vs -O change is dramatically.

Thank you Igor and keep up with the good work.


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