Serving static file dynamically ...

Brice Leroy bbrriiccee at
Wed Mar 25 00:35:38 MSK 2009

On Mar 24, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Marcus Clyne wrote:

> Michael Shadle wrote:
>> not to mention that this is only useful if the OP is storing files in
>> the database to begin with, I believe.
>> if it's filesystem, then X-Accel-Redirect is the way to go.
> Yes, if the filesystem is the storage mechanism, then I'd agree.  If  
> you have a very large number of files, though, storing them in the  
> DB can be more efficient than using the filesystem (depending on  
> platform, file number, directory hierarchy etc).

How can the filesystem can be slower than DB to serve huge video  
files ? That's completely on the opposite to my culture ! Can you  
explain me how this is possible ?
My situation will be serving thousand(maybe more later) of different  
big files(between 200MB and 4GB) to different users.


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