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Wed Mar 25 00:41:45 MSK 2009

On Mar 24, 2009, at 1:50 PM, Marcus Clyne wrote:

> Cliff,
> The limit mentioned there is just for the JDBC driver, and is due to  
> the limits of JDK 1.5.x.  You don't have to use the JDBC driver for  
> PBMS.  There's a direct C API, you can use any MySQL APIs to input  
> data and and you can 'upload' the blobs via HTTP.

  If I need an instance of java running per client, it's going to be  
impossible to serve unless I have more than 50 servers (which is very  
expensive just on electricity)

> The limits on blob size are based on MySQL's limits, which glancing  
> at  
> appears to be 4GB for LONGBLOB (which all data in PBMS is stored as).
> The 'problems' I was thinking about, though, was with the actual  
> time/overhead it takes to load a file that big into a db.  The main  
> advantage I see for PBMS over static files is when you have a very  
> large number of them (hundreds of thousands or more), because then  
> you avoid having large extra storage capacity for metadata and you  
> don't ask the filesystem to deal with a huge number of files.
> Serving just a few thousand files from the filesystem, though, isn't  
> going to put it under stress.

because some file is going to be seen multiple time by different  
people I'm expecting the ISP to proxy the data for the same URL. I'm  
more worried by the on demand which will not be proxy.

- Brice
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