How to always have the latest nginx version in Ubuntu/Debian

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Wed Mar 25 04:23:26 MSK 2009

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Mark Alan <varia at> wrote:

> Merlin wrote:
>> This is not to say your method is "wrong" or even that it will break
>> anything;
> >I merely offer another way to do things more in-line with the way other
> things
> > are done in the distribution.
> I see, you are thinking in something complex like this:
> <>

Actually, I'm not at all talking about that particular procedure - I pretty
clearly outlined the procedure I was talking about already, so no need to
repeat myself.

But, perhaps, the following procedure is better for you. Change 0.6.34,
> 0.7.44, John Doe, and jdoe at jdoe.0 for your own values, and try this:
> sudo aptitutde -R install build-essential fakeroot devscripts wget
> test -x $HOME/tmp/ || mkdir -p $HOME/tmp/ && cd $HOME/tmp/
> wget -c # get latest nginx
> apt-get source nginx
> cd nginx-0.6.34
> uupdate -rfakeroot --upstream-version 0.7.44 ../nginx-0.7.44.tar.gz
> cd ../$(dpkg-parsechangelog | sed -n 's/^Source: //p')-0.7.44
> (export DEBFULLNAME='John Doe';export DEBEMAIL='jdoe at jdoe.0';debuild -i
> -us -uc -b)
> cd ..

> Rather boring, isn't it?  It doesn't make it any easier to play around with
> nginx ./configure switches.

As you well know (or should by your usage of devscripts), the configure
switches are available for your editing in debian/rules.  What does this
have to do with excitement, anyway?  In general, isn't boring good on
production servers?

Ah well, it really doesn't matter.  We've established that you think by-hand
building and copying over of binaries without keeping up with the
distrobution's audit trail is much more exciting, customizable, and faster
than using the distrobution's tools which I happen to think is just as fast,
easier to manage, and certainly boring -- I just like boring.

If I post in this thread again, I'll bring a makefile, maybe (then I can
actually contribute something!)...  until then, carry on, good Sirs!

- Merlin
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