[Patch] add -p option to override prefix

Jérôme Loyet jerome at loyet.net
Thu Mar 26 15:27:21 MSK 2009

> the previous patch (nginx-prefix-v2.patch) has to be applied after the
> first one.
> I attach here the full patch.
> ++ jerome

In my path I use ngx_snprintf with "%s%s" but it seems not to work, I
have overflows using this function.

I add tow logs to check the string content:
2009/03/26 11:56:34 [notice] 22943#0: pid file: ./logs/nginx.pid appq
2009/03/26 11:56:34 [notice] 22943#0: lock file: ./logs/nginx.lock   Y

The function ngx_s(n)printf does not work with "%s%s".
If I use sprintf instead, it works well. I was sure that ngx_sprintf
was an alias to sprintf it's but not. Why are those kind of basic
functions have been recoded ? Is there a reason not to use sprintf ?

> Le 25 mars 2009 21:16, Jérôme Loyet <jerome at loyet.net> a écrit :
>> 2009/3/25 Igor Sysoev <is at rambler-co.ru>:
>>> On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 04:46:03PM +0100, J?r?me Loyet wrote:
>>>> I attach a patch which add the -p option to nginx. This option
>>>> overrides the --prefix path and also the $NGX_CONF_PREFIX variable
>>>> which is used as prefix for "include" directives. So, all relative
>>>> path will be prefix with the value of this option.
>>>> I don't know if it covers all cases but it seems ok in my env.
>>>> Why did I want to make such a patch ?
>>>> Because i'll be running several instances of nginx on the same box,
>>>> with similar conf and similar directorys (/path/xx/conf,
>>>> /path/xx/docs, /path/xx/logs, /path/xx/cache, /path/xx/tmp, ...). With
>>>> same conf, I can launch multiple instances of nginx with
>>>> /path/to/nginx -p /path/www, -p /patch/www2, ...
>>>> I could run one instance of nginx with many "server" directives but
>>>> the box is mutualized between clients and clients doesn't want to
>>>> share their instance with others ...
>>>> You could then imagine many cases in which this option could be usefull.
>>> I need to see how -p will affect on directives that use conf prefix
>>> such as "include", "ssl_certficate*", and "auth_basic_user_file".
>>> Historically, nginx had the single prefix (not conf one), but this was
>>> uncomfortably for Linux packages, where now the conf prefix is /etc/nginx,
>>> while default prefix is somewhere in other place.
>> I made a new version of my patch. The patch still add the -p prefix but:
>> 1- in auto/options, I've set the following variables:
>> +NGX_PREFIX_CONF_PATH=conf/nginx.conf
>> +NGX_PREFIX_ERROR_LOG_PATH=logs/error.log
>> +NGX_PREFIX_PID_PATH=logs/nginx.pid
>> +NGX_PREFIX_LOCK_PATH=logs/nginx.lock
>> +NGX_PREFIX_HTTP_LOG_PATH=logs/access.log
>> 2- in auto/options I use them in remplacement of RAW string, for exemple:
>> -        NGX_CONF_PATH=$NGX_PREFIX/conf/nginx.conf
>> 3- 1) and 2) change nothing, except that default relative paths are in
>> variable now
>> 4- In configure, I export those variables
>> 5- in each source file in which one of thoses defined variable are
>> used, I changed it to
>> 5a- if -p was not specified at runtime, nothing change. Use
>> NGX_PID_PATH and NGX_PREFIX_PID_PATH is not used at all.
>> 5b- if -p was specified at runtime, so don't use NGX_PID_PATH but "-p
>> parameter"/NGX_PREFIX_PID_PATH
>> 6- If the -p parameter doesn't finish with a '/' char, then add it (I
>> didn't take care of windows path yet)
>> I tried to make this patch clear and correct. It seams to work. But I
>> didn't have time to test many features like ("ssl_certficate*", and
>> "auth_basic_user_file). I'll try that tonight or tomorow.
>> Hope this help.
>> ++ Jerome

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