Problems with SSL on IE

Kurt Hansen khansen at
Thu Mar 26 16:42:46 MSK 2009


I'm having problems getting a digital cert to work on IE, both versions 
6 and 7.

It appears IE wants to only use SSLv2 when connecting. If I disable 
SSLv2, IE refuses to connect at all.

There are a few problems with using SSLv2. First, the default security 
configuration for IE is to disable SSLv2. You have to change the 
Internet Options to get it to work.

Secondly, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance isn't possible with 
SSLv2 enabled.

I'm using nginx v0.6.34. I installed it using an rpm from the Fedora 
EPEL repository.

Now, I'm not sure where the problem is, the version of nginx, OpenSSL, 
how nginx was compiled for this rpm, or the digital cert. I think the 
digital cert is OK since it is working on all other browsers.

Are others having a problem with IE? Successes?

If you want to look at the cert with the problem, here it is:

Take care,

Kurt Hansen

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