$args getting cleared out when using memcached module. Bug?

jturmel jturmel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 00:37:04 MSK 2009

We're having some really weird issues when trying to pass $args to the memcached

Here is a snippet.

set $memcached_key $uri$is_args$args;
error_page 404 = @fallback;

It will pass in $uri$is_args, which in our case is "/index.php?"

If we comment out the 3 lines with memcached stuff and do the following:

add_header "test" $uri$is_args$args;

You can see the entire value just fine.  It seems to be a bug in the way the
module interacts with Nginx but we can't nail it down.  We added a debug line at
the very beginning of the memcached module and it seems to be empty as soon as
it is called.

This seems to be a bug with all the extensive testing and configurations we've

Thank you,

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