Clang scan-build output

Adrian Perez de Castro the.lightman at
Thu Nov 5 13:41:39 MSK 2009

On Wed, 04 Nov 2009 16:51:50 -0800, Cliff wrote:

> That's a pretty cool tool.  Surprising though that some really
> simplistic stuff generated false positives, e.g.:

Clang is going to be a great thing. I am already using the compiler in a
daily basis for building plain-C stuff (e.g. Nginx itself), and both the
compilation speed and the generated code are speedy. There are even some
cases where Clang generates slightly better object code than GCC, see:

The static analyzer is a nice bonus, but as you mention, it produces some
false positives -- but I prefer a picky tool that prodces some false
positives than a loose one that misses some potential bugs. After all, it is
up to the programmer, who really knows the intention of the code, to decide
which warnings are real bugs :)


Adrian Perez de Castro
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