Strange results when chaining try_files

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Sun Nov 8 15:08:05 MSK 2009

<quote who="Maxim Dounin">

> Just a side note: ${request_uri}index.html should do the trick.

Ah, nice! Thanks.

> Well, it sounds somewhat funny.  You tried to rewrite config to 
> use try_files instead of if's and fall into one of if tarpits.  :)

Good lord. ;-) Thanks heaps for your explanation -- looks like using rewrite
for the supercache file ends up being the neatest solution... the error_page
one just feels icky to me. :-)

(If ever there were a list of posts documenting the "Zen of Nginx", this one
easily qualifies!)

Thanks again,

- Jeff

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