Proxy-forwarding to Icecast with Nginx

curtisdf nginx-forum at
Thu Nov 12 07:18:11 MSK 2009

I just posted this on the Icecast forum as well:

Well, it turns out not to be an Icecast or Nginx problem after all.

I tried it with Muse instead of Icegenerator, as well as mucking around with Nginx timeouts and proxy settings.  Always the same problem.

Then it dawned on me that I had been trying it only with VLC as the client media player.  So I tried with Windows Media Player instead.  Lo and behold, it worked!  It even worked when I put Icecast back to using Icegenerator instead of Muse, and with periodic metadata updates.

So it's a VLC problem.  And an ongoing one, it appears.  I upgraded my Win32 client box to the latest stable VLC (0.9.4) and on my Gentoo Linux/x86 box (0.9.10) and still the same problem with each.

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