Problem with proxy_cache_path on x64 Windows

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Thu Nov 12 16:29:48 MSK 2009

I have been trying to run nginx on a couple of Windows Server (2003/2008) and I have found that on x86 machines, proxy_cache_path works fine. But on x64, nginx stops when I try to start the service with the following lines in the error.log...

2009/11/12 14:06:09  4076#5480: start worker process 3216
2009/11/12 14:06:09  3216#4048: malloc: 01CE5288:9
2009/11/12 14:06:09  3216#4048: shared zone "one" has no equal addresses: 023E0000 vs 02320000
2009/11/12 14:06:09  4076#5480: WaitForMultipleObjects: 1
2009/11/12 14:06:09  4076#5480: worker process 3216 exited with code 1

And here is the parameters that I'm using.

proxy_cache_path proxy levels=1 keys_zone=one:60m inactive=1d;

Anyone that could give me a hint ;)

Found a thread with a similar problem but the OS was FreeBSD 7.1 64 bit,2443,2462#msg-2462


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