Best way to use PHP with nginx?

John Moore grails at
Fri Nov 13 20:52:35 MSK 2009

Peter Leonov wrote:
> On 13.11.2009, at 16:45, John Moore wrote:
>> I have come across a handful of different methods detailed on the 
>> Internet for getting PHP running with nginx, but haven't come across 
>> the 'definitive' version. What method do the regular nginx users on 
>> here favour?
> This thread might be of help: 
> It's about complicated things (unstable nginx module, process 
> supervising), so get ready ;)
I have an aversion to complicated things :). Actually, I gave the Tomasz 
Sterna method a go on a new Ubuntu installation and it worked perfectly, 
and is seemingly rather simpler than the previous method I've tried. I'm 
just wondering why it's not universally adopted. What is the value of 
spawn-fcgi, which Igor Sysoev give the thumbs-up to in the thread you 


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