New HTTP protocol from Google

Kiril Angov kupokomapa at
Sat Nov 14 11:36:29 MSK 2009

People, read some more about that new protocol. Google has found in a
way the golden middle by improving the speed and at the same time keep
the TCP so that you do not need to buy new routers, etc in order to
get the benefits. So say nginx implements the "new HTTP" and you are
using Chrome, you will get the benefits. But if the server is on IIS
then you will still use "old HTTP" because the server still does not
support that protocol. Simple as that, so sites which care about speed
will upgrade/change their server software (I am sure apache will
implement it fairly quickly).

Thank Google that they care about speed and increasing the throughput.
Small companies cannot make radical changes, so you need to big
companies to lead the way.

2009/11/13 Nuno Magalhães <nunomagalhaes at>:
> Google should stop trying to conquer the world, it has already lost
> its original appeal and it's following the path to the Dark Side...
> Sad. So what's next, Google's HTTP vs everyone else's? ;) Kinda
> reminds me of IE vs Netscape, you would've thought they'd learnt by
> now...
> Meh... random damblings... (from someone using a google account)
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