cache purge

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Tue Nov 17 08:09:57 MSK 2009

> I'm investigating cache purge in nginx and currently we have some success 
> with this patch: The reason I 
> said "some" is the patch works normally but blows out (the message was 
> like "the file to purge is too small...")when the nginx process has been 
> restarted and the cache to purge was created by the previous nginx 
> process.

It's a shame that you didn't report it, because I was unaware of this until 

Anyway, I'm unable to reproduce this bug (purging files from cache after 
restarting nginx works as expected, at least with nginx-0.8.8, so maybe you 
introduced some bugs while syncing it on your own?)

Also, the message you are referring to ("cache file \"%s\" is too small") is 
produced by nginx when it's trying to open cached file (which is also done 
before purging it), so it looks like something is wrong... It would be great 
if you could produce debug log and send it either on- or off-list.

> The patch is also a little out of of sync with the latest nginx.

Actually, I was going to sync it with the latest nginx and push the release 
yesterday, together with ngx_supervisord-1.1, but something came up and I 
didn't do it...

But I'm gonna do it in next few days (maybe even today), stay tuned! ;)

Best regards,
Piotr Sikora < piotr.sikora at >

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