managing many server names

guynaor guynaor at
Tue Nov 17 08:17:49 MSK 2009


Just include it from a file. I have a site an nginx install with around
16K names in one of the server entries, and aside from increasing the size
of the hash table / buckets it all worked with no issues.



On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 23:48:49 -0500, Patrick Aljord <patcito at>
> Hi,
> I have my site config that looks like this:
> server {
>         listen   80;
>         server_name *
>         access_log  /var/log/nginx/foo.access.log;
>         root /home/app/foo/current/public;
> }
> I allow my clients to use a cname for their domains, the problem is
> that my site config is going to get huge because of all the
> server_name values. Is there a way to move them to another file in a
> var that I would include in the site config? Or maybe a more elegant
> solution?
> Thanks in advance,
> Pat

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