ngx_http_secure_link_module after ngx_http_rewrite_module

xufengnju xufengnju at
Tue Nov 17 13:17:13 MSK 2009

Can we make ngx_http_secure_link_module work after the url handled by ngx_http_rewrite_module ?

For example:
Original URL: bits)-real.jpg
I want after rewrite,it would become /photo/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(32 bits)/real.jpg where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(32 bits) is the md5 checksum of real.jpg mixed with my secret key.
But it fails.
I noticed,proxy modules works well after the uri rewritten by Rewrite Module.
Can we make secure_link work too?

does ngx_http_request_t *r,r-> changed after the mod rewrite?
How can we get the uri rewritten by mod rewrite?


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