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caching has played such an important role in the speed and performance of the site.
nginx does a great job serving cached content. I am very new to nginx and I already feel so empowered running nginx as reverse proxy in front of all my web servers.

I am getting best results with wordpress. From what I understand (correct me if i'm wrong) nginx responds to caching headers coming from the application server so unless you have the right headers sent caching will not work well.

On Nov 17, 2009, at 5:13 PM, Kiswono Prayogo wrote:

> yes, it's a bad case.. ^^ but doesn't back end people do actually do it too, they didn't use dynamic programming (they recalculate things that not yet changed) so it doesn't really matter how fast web server they use, if they won't generate the static content, it always gonna be slow.. >_<
> 2009/11/17 Roast <zhang.libing at>
> This test case is a bad case. very bad.
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