Developer changelogs

Marcus Clyne maccaday at
Wed Nov 18 18:34:39 MSK 2009


Would it be possible to add a 'developer changelog' to the standard 
changelog for newly-released versions of Nginx?  I'm thinking mostly of 
features of Nginx that might be used by module developers (or core 
hackers), that either added new features or could break existing modules.

Two examples I can think of include :

- the addition of ngx_http_complex_value_t (and associated functions) 
(in 0.7.44)
- the changes made in ngx_http_finalize_request() (in 0.8.19) (which 
broke some modules which relied on using the NGX_DONE return value) or 
the inclusion of this older version of the file (in 0.8.22)

I believe it would help developers save time identifying areas that need 
changing for newer versions of Nginx, and would allow them to more 
quickly adopt useful new features that they might not be aware of.



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