[ANN] Nginx HTTP Push Module v0.69

冉兵 bing_ran at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 20 09:15:53 MSK 2009

Or the module could send messages via a sub-request to an URL that is 
associated with my monitoring application and dispatch the message according 
to the result of the sub-request. It would make a good mechanism to hook up 
an interceptor it seems.

From: "Leo P." <junk at slact.net>
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 12:54 PM
To: <nginx at sysoev.ru>
Subject: Re: [ANN] Nginx HTTP Push Module v0.69

> Take a look at http://pushmodule.slact.net . You would have Java send HTTP 
> requests to urls of your choosing to interact with the server -- 
> both to publish messages and subscribe to communication channels. If you 
> want  any sort of moderation functionality, you will want  to keep the 
> publisher locations visible only to your application and have clients send 
> messages through your application  (which will implement your desired 
> moderation logic)
>   - Leo
> 冉兵 wrote:
>> Looks very interesting!
>> Is there an extension point whereby I can program a Java application, for 
>> example, to participate a channel? Furthermore what if I want to create a 
>> modulator's console to modulate a chatting room, preferably in a language 
>> of my choice?
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "Leo P." <junk at slact.net>
>> Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 12:50 AM
>> To: <nginx at sysoev.ru>
>> Subject: [ANN] Nginx HTTP Push Module v0.69
>>> This module turns Nginx into an adept HTTP Push and Comet server. It 
>>> takes care of all the connection juggling, and exposes a simple 
>>> interface to broadcast messages to clients via plain old HTTP requests. 
>>> This lets one write live-updating asynchronous web applications as 
>>> easily as their oldschool classic counterparts, since the code does not 
>>> need to manage requests with delayed responses. The module implements a 
>>> no-frills publisher/subscriber protocol centered on uniquely 
>>> identifiable channels. It is an order of magnitude simpler and more 
>>> basic than similar protocols (such as Bayeux).
>>> Read on, download, etc. at http://pushmodule.slact.net/
>>>  - Leo

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