mailman and nginx-announce list

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Sun Nov 22 01:45:05 MSK 2009

Sounds like a good opportunity to make nginx-internals@ as well, for
those folks who want to discuss internals as opposed to end users
looking for rewrite help and things like that :)

Please let us know when we can subscribe to the new one for this main
mailing list. I'd prefer to jump on that one as soon as it is
available and remove myself from the old one (if possible... unless
you find a way to migrate users?)

Thanks Igor, you rock :)

2009/11/21 Igor Sysoev <is at>:
> Finally I have upgraded my mail system and now mailman will process
> mailing lists instead of majordomo:
> Currently there is just a single English mailing list
> nginx-announce at
> In the nearest future nginx at will go on nginx at,
> however, both addresses will work for long time.
> --
> Igor Sysoev

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