upload module 2.0.11

Valery Kholodkov valery+nginxen at grid.net.ru
Tue Nov 24 01:32:23 MSK 2009


Changes in version 2.0.11:
  * Fixed bug: segfault in request body reception code (thanks to Andrew 
  * Fixed bug: dummy field did not appear whenever form contained only 
non-file fields;
  * Added feature: variable $upload_file_number which indicates ordinal 
number of file in request body
  * Change: compatibility with nginx API 0.8.25 and greater.

NOTE: in changelogs of previous version read occurrences of 
"compatibility with nginx API 0.x.x" as "compatibility with nginx API 
0.x.x and greater".

Please see this page for details:

Best regards,
Valery Kholodkov

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