Why does Nginx log same request two times?

Jimmy Brake jimmy at dwalliance.com
Sat Nov 28 10:11:01 MSK 2009


Sorry I don't want to be redundant. But are the versions(os and servers) 
on the two servers the same?

I don't know the equivalent on windows, but on linux I would use the 
diff command to compare the configurations.

If the servers are the same have you used the equivalent 'diff' command 
to compare the configurations?


rayallenwu wrote:
> Thanks Jimmy,
> It seems not double requests. Although every request shows twice in Nginx's log, in my backend (Tomcat)'s log, only 1 record for each request.
> So I guess, my server doesn't received double requests, but just Nginx outputs logs double times.
> The weird thing is in one of my Windows 2003 server the log is normal but in my another one, the log shows two times. The config files and code are totally same.
> The only difference might be the versions of Windows 2003. It's really confused.
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