Load balancing PHP via Nginx...

Ilan Berkner iberkner at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 06:11:46 MSD 2009

So the time has come for us to add another web server (number 2) to our
configuration to help with the amount of connections we're getting.  I'm
looking for some basic recommendations in terms of configuration of nginx.
That is:

1. Do I run exactly the same configuration on both boxes and load balance
externally (i.e. nginx + php-fpm on each box + dedicated mysql server) or
2. Do I run nginx + php-fpm on box A and route additional fastCGI requests
to box B?

What would the configuration look like?  How do I preserver sessions?  We
are currently using memcached for session menagement and could place that on
the dedicated data server.  What's the "recommended" methodology?

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