proxy or fastcgi for python app

Avleen Vig avleen at
Thu Sep 3 13:09:00 MSD 2009

On Sep 1, 2009, at 12:41, "Piotr Sikora" <piotr.sikora at>  

>> I'm going to try nginx with somes python apps. Thanks to wsgi i can  
>> easily choose between fastcgi or proxy.
>> How can i choose ?
> Test, test and test some more ;)
> I'm using wsgiserver from CherryPy (so proxied webserver).

Recently we moved from using fastcgi, to http proxy for our django app.

On the python side we are using Spawning, which was developed at  
Linden Lab I believe.

It's quite nice, and very light weight / fast. It seems to be thread  
safe too.

It starts a process which forks I/o processes the i/o procesed can  
either use forking or threading (we use threading). The master process  
manages them, restarting them if they die etc. It handles incoming  
connections and passes them to a free child process.

Fast, clean, efficient. 

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