Security Anouncments and Stable Updates

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Thu Sep 3 18:04:04 MSD 2009

That forum is for *Forum* announcements. 

Igor makes nginx announcements and they are posted to the mailing list and its integrated forum. If and when another mailing list is created then it will be included as a separate forum along with an RSS feed. 

If you would like an nginx annoucements forum before then I will happily create it and you can maintain it. Let me know off list - preferably by using the "Site Suggestions" forum. 


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I looked at the forum and it seems that the Announcements Forum isn't
updated at all.  I really want to unsubscribe from this list but I would
like to find feeds on major stable releases and any security news.  Is there
an rss feed or list just for those two subjects?

If not that's a pretty major deal that needs to be addressed. :)

-Team AMP

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