fastcgi causing 502 errors? [was: alternating 404 and 200]

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at
Fri Sep 4 15:10:52 MSD 2009

> hm, I would suggest you take out the '502' from your error_page handling.
> You want to see whether the 502 is coming from your fastcgi... or nginx.
> Take a look at your php error logs as well.

Before i had a 502 error_page i kept having 200 and 404 (my previous
post). It was only when Igor suggested i should look into that error
log thingy ;) that i discovered the 404 was because i had no 502 page
to handle the error. The real error is thus 502 and the page gets

I've changed (and tested) my local php settings so that errors get
outputted to a file instead of the browser, but this situation outputs
no errors to the php log.

Setting fastcgi_intercept_errors to off didn't create output either
(so i left it on).

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