SSI goes to backend

zepolen zepolen at
Fri Sep 4 15:19:19 MSD 2009

2009/9/4 Igor Sysoev <is at>:
> On Fri, Sep 04, 2009 at 01:55:50AM +0300, zepolen wrote:
>> Going to directly to in a browser
>> shows the file ok
>> However if it gets loaded as ssi, the request seems to go to the
>> backend (which says 404) - instead of being served from nginx.
> - <!--# include virtual="" -->
> + <!--# include virtual="/ssi/base.html" -->

Thanks, that worked. Why would using the domain not work?

What if for example you want to ssi from a different domain name so
the html is served from but the ssi uses (which is also hosted on the same nginx instance).

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