IPv6 enabled Nginx default bind port

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Sun Sep 6 12:24:31 MSD 2009

Many thanks for your reply.

I do not want it to be ipv6only - I did however find the option in ru docs and source. I want it to be 6 and 4. As it is in case I put listen [::]:80. What I am suggesting is that if nginx is compiled --with-ipv6 that listen is by default [::]:80 instead of 80.

To be even more descriptive: If I have an ipv6 enabled nginx and put this in configuration

server {
  root /var/www;

This will listen on IPv4 port 80 and it will not be accessible over ipv6. I have to put:

server {
  listen [::]:80;
  root /var/www;

If I then add another server declaration and forget to add listen [::]:80, nginx will fail to start up.

I'm just saying, if ipv6 is enabled, it is desired, and default listen should be [::]:80 instead od 80.

Hope I was able to explain better what I meant now.

Best regards,

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