php-apc and Nginx

Michael Baudino michael.baudino at
Wed Sep 9 01:11:45 MSD 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm running OpenUpload 0.4.1 (a RapidShare-like web-app) on nginx-0.6.32
with php-5.2.6 and php-apc-3.0.19 (all but openupload are from debian
stable repositories).

Everything is working fine, except that OpenUpload is supposed to
display progress information during upload of a file using APC.
It does not on my config :-(

According to Alessandro Briosi, OpenUpload developer, the problem might
come from nginx not passing some information to php.

My full thread with him is here :

Could anyone here confirm that it could be the source of the problem ?
And do you have any way to fix this ?

Thanks in advance

Michael Baudino
KameHouse Prod.

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