Split-server{ } subdomains.

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at eu.ipp.pt
Wed Sep 9 02:21:43 MSD 2009

Thanks David and Maxim.

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 22:50, Grzegorz Sienko<staff at krecio.pl> wrote:
> You need a wildcart in DNS, A-record or CNAME for *.domain.com.

I have 3 a-records at the moment: domain.com, www.domain.com,
sub.domain.com (i guess these two could maybe be replaced by  cname).
I assumed domain.com would be the same as *.domain.com, but i guess

If i set *.domain.com, i assume nginx will redirect
nonexistant.domain.com to the default server or, if no default is set,
to the first one that matches... would that be domain.com or the first
alphabetical subdomain?

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