Multiple rails apps on different ports w/ Apache/Passenger

Paul Hamann lists at
Wed Sep 9 04:26:30 MSD 2009

Rob Schultz wrote:
> I am not sure exactly what you trying to do. But you can have NginX +
> Passenger do this directly. And i am sure you can do it directly with
> Apache + Passenger also.

I'm putting three apps onto a linux box sitting in my bedroom.  I'm 
putting them online through dynamic DNS [dyndns].  I would prefer to 
only open one port: 80.  I could simply open more ports and tack :8080 
and such onto the end of the url.  That's ugly.

Yes, I could use Apache mod_rewrite.  I ** don't like ** apache rewrite. 
Yes, I'm sure that I could do this with Nginx/passenger alone.  The one 
time I tried Nginx/passenger together, it didn't benchmark well.  That 
may have been my own ignorance of Nginx. And truly, performance may not 
be much of an issue.

Finally, I really like this combination with Nginx serving the static 
files and Apache/passenger serving the rails requests.  Shopify runs 
like this. I created my own demo setup with Nginx serving static files 
and proxying to a cluster of Apache2/passenger servers running on 
multiple machines.  It's awesome!

May be I'm over-thinking it here. It seems to me that this similar setup 
would work well in this case.  It's just that I can't get the Nginx 
configuration file right.  From Nginx's perspective, it shouldn't care 
that it's passing rails to passenger. Sadly, I'm also ignorant of 
Mongrel.  I think that's why I'm struggling to make this work from that 

Thanks for the help.

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