Maintenance of mod_wsgi

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Wed Sep 9 15:12:45 MSD 2009

Grzegorz Sienko ha scritto:
> Hello.
> I was trying to compile the latest mod_wsgi from site:
> (as wiki suggest). But while
> make I have error:

Yes, mod_wsgi only works with Nginx 0.5.x and (using a patch) with Nginx

> [...]
> I don't know if Manlio Perillo still maintenance this module. If
> anyone could help with this.. it would by nice ^_^

It is more than an year since a made some changes to the code.
It works fine for me, using Nginx 0.5.x, so I have no urges to update
the module; I have other projects more important for me.

I also have plans to change some things, like removing support for
asynchronous extensions (API is not very usable) and add support for
greenlet, but I'm still not sure about this (greenlet may be unstable).

If you really need to work with recent versions of Nginx right now,
there is a patch from fredreichbier:

It also make some changes to Python specific code:
1) Add support to Python 2.6
   (I suspect that this patch will *only* work on Python 2.6)
2) Fix how SCRIPT_NAME is handled when the location contains a regex
   (I have yet to find a definitive solution to this problem)

> Best Regards
>  Grzegorz Sieńko

Regards  Manlio

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