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Thu Sep 10 18:29:23 MSD 2009


i installed nginx having 5-6 domains set up, each w/ some subdomains, runs well !

now that i added some ssl-certificates, i noticed, that the server seems to use the same cert for all 443 serversettings.

example, i have www.domain.tld and sub.domain.tld.   
using the www.. i get a pass on validation, sub instead, claims that the cert is for www. only.

now is ee, there are different ssl-certs given in config and with different contents. reading the certdata also displays the sub instead of www for the 2nd cert.

Since i am completely new to nginx and ssl itself, i wonder 1)how to solve this or 2) what information i can provide in order to get a solution for solving this issue.

my structur is:

nginx.conf: include /etc/nginx/sites-and-settings/*;

in sites-and-settings, thers a file for each domain, like net.domain.www, net.domain.tld and so on.
each contending at least one server { } part, one for :80 and one for :443.

if anyone cares - or it matters ;)

Kind Regards so far

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