Proxy_pass and remote_addr

Johan Bergström johan at
Mon Sep 14 01:18:51 MSD 2009

Good evening,

I know I'm not the first to ask - but I can't seem to find an answer  
on this mailing list, hence yet another question regarding passing  

I'm proxying IIS 6.0 (with a caching nginx) which unfortunately can't  
handle accepting X-Forwarded-For and the likes. The application I'm  
running is so much enterprise that even thinking about implementing  
support for XFF would cost gazillions of dollars :-( I've been playing  
around with trying to overwrite remote_addr with the 'current' one but  
unfortunately haven't found a way.

Is it possible to pass a client ip to a proxy backend through  
remote_addr (and not setting your own X-*)?

Johan Bergström

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