Need this apache rewrites rewrite to nginx rewrite

Cliff Wells cliff at
Mon Sep 14 01:41:24 MSD 2009

On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 14:33 +0200, Luka Horvatic wrote:
> Options +FollowSymlinks
> RewriteEngine on
> RewriteRule visit/(.*)/$ /logs.php?q=visit&linkfull=$1
> RewriteRule go/(.*)/$ /logs.php?q=go&linkcode=$1
> RewriteRule link/(.*)/$ /logs.php?q=link&linkid=$1
> RewriteRule site/(.*)/$ /logs.php?q=site&linkname=$1

Just change "RewriteRule" to "rewrite", eg:

  rewrite visit/(.*)/$ /logs.php?q=visit&linkfull=$1



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