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Mon Sep 14 23:07:42 MSD 2009


My last release of Fstorage ( in stable version 0.2 has 
support for Nginx. Dear Sirs, I hope you will find information below useful 
for yours network applications.

Hardly every website start-up(not only) need mechanism for storing files.. and 
when it grows up developers are going to find sth. more scalable.. 
clusterable and with this change goes varius problems... and i know this 
problems from my child i created - (11 place in Poland). I 
think fstorage with ngx_http_fstorage_module will help.

Fstorage is a free, open-source, lightweight and fast File Storage Software. 
Storage is task of server and file hosting. The Fstorage Server APIs enables 
applications to communicate over FSTP (File Storage Transfer Protocol/binary 
transfer protocol). Applications can send files to fstorage server and 
receive files for particular FKEY(File Key) and/or AKEY(Access Key). 
Clients/APIs are designed for use by C/C++/Python/PHP programmers. Fstorage 
software include ANSI C and C++ API. If you want to use Python API or PHP API 
you have to install it (you can download it from home product site). Fstorage 
Server and Fstorage APIs are supported on Linux and FreeBSD. Additional thing 
is that stored files can be hosting/streaming with Nginx HTTP server 
(ngx_http_fstorage_module) via HTTP protocol directly from server filesystem. 
I realy like nginx from Igor so i write this module as a first 

This project consists of several parts:
    * fstorage-x.x.tar.gz - Main package, Fstorage Server with ANSI C/C++ APIs 
and libraries
    * pyfstorage-x.x.tar.gz - Python API (Python module written in ANSI C)
    * phpfstorage-x.x.tar.gz - PHP API (PHP extension written in C++)
    * ngx_http_fstorage_module-x.x.tar.gz - NginX module for serving static 
files/streaming flv files directly from server filesystem. 

The most important features:
    * efficient implementation in ANSI C,
    * binary transfer protocol fstp (File Storage Transer Protocol),
    * scalability and multipalform support (Linux/FreeBSD),
    * Clients/API's support for ANSI C, C++, Python and PHP,
    * integration with Nginx (ngx_http_fstorage_module)
    * simple configuration,
    * simple connection host management (Allowed IP),
    * BSD license. 

More information You can find on fstorage product wiki-site, - my english is not perfect as U see but i do my best.

Feel free to ask me a question or leave e-mail notice,


Łukasz Podkalicki
e: lukasz at

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