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Tue Sep 15 03:00:28 MSD 2009


I'm trying to get nginx to work with a squid back end.  In our environment, we require the full URL in the GET line, which is how squid can distinguish between an http and https request.  The role of nginx is to decode the ssl session and pass on the request in plain http to squid.

For example, if we request this URL against nginx:


The request will come in from the client looking like this:

GET /test HTTP/1.1
Host: asdf

What I'd like nginx to do, is for nginx to connect to the back end squid server like this:

GET https://asdf/test HTTP/1.0
Host: asdf

Instead of what it is currently doing, which is this:

GET /test HTTP/1.0
Host: asdf

Is there a way to do this with nginx?


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