Ways to control the gzip_vary directive from nginx 0.6.34 and above?

Jeff Waugh jdub at bethesignal.org
Tue Sep 15 08:47:05 MSD 2009

<quote who="Zev Blut">

> Nginx 0.6.34 and above have changed the gzip_vary directive to add the
> "Vary: Accept-Encoding" header to uncompressed responses as well as
> compressed responses.

This should only be the case for the matched gzip_types, though not *all*
uncompressed responses. Have you included (inappropriate for compression)
image and audio types in gzip_types? If so, remove them, and you should be
done (unless there is a bug in nginx -> but I haven't seen a similar thing
happen on my servers).

- Jeff

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